Creating the life you want

Finally, a membership that supports...

You are a creative doing business and with that comes navigating all areas – business, lifestyle, and creativity. That's why we're offering you a place to support you across them all.

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Welcome to the co-op

The Co-Op is a membership community offering *full spectrum* creative life support. What does that mean you may wonder?
It means waking up, brewing your homemade iced vanilla latte and doing what you love to do. The best part, you feel excited, confident, clear, aligned, and ease-full doing it. You have big beautiful dreams for your creativity but you're also living fully in the freedoms you've already created for yourself today. You know there are things to tackle to help your business grow but you also know what success looks and feels like to you specifically and you won't sacrifice it for the sake of growth. You'll turn to your community to help you brainstorm and trouble shoot ways to create the life you want on all fronts - business, lifestyle, and creativity...that is the *full spectrum* creative life support found inside The Co-Op.

"It's so refreshing knowing you aren't alone in your struggles of growing your business."

"I love working with Nataley. She's careful to look at each brand as a unique brand that has unique offerings and needs. The attention during those calls was priceless, not to mention the community. It's so refreshing knowing you aren't alone in your struggles of growing your business."

- melanie

you are not alone...

We created the co-op because we needed it ourselves.

Everything written above is what we needed and couldn't find. Nat has been coaching and consulting small business for over 2 years now after helping a brand debut on ABC's Shark Tank and Mel has grown her own profitable product business and rallied an entire community around it.

Together we have experience and knowledge but we found it was community that gave us lasting fulfillment & success.


The Co-Op

This quarterly membership is designed to help you build a fulfilling, profitable business by continually finding alignment in your life, habits, and creativity to gain the freedom to live differently.

Let's break it down

Here's What happens each quarter



Creative Business Education Calls

Join Nat Live or on the replay 1x month to dive into a timely & relevant quick training to give you the boost of business support right when you need it. We'll explore topics like Aligning Your Business Model, Holiday Prep Without the Pressure, Crafting A Vision You Can Trust, & more.



Life & Business Hot Topic Calls

Join Mel Live or on the replay 1x month to discuss, collaborate, and explore ways to create the life you want. You'll find topics like Choice & Intention, Setting Up An Ideal Environment for Creative Success, a Vision Board Workshop & more.



90 minute masterclass

Once a quarter The Makerage puts on a relevant/seasonal 90 minute masterclass (value ~$150) and access to the class is included in the Co-Op membership. Members also gain access to the replay so the Co-Op Library will grow more robust month over month. 



Community Event

Once a quarter we will facilitate an exclusive Co-Op members only community event. We are already so excited for these events to have fun and get to know each other better! Sneak peak: The first Community Event will be a Holiday Mocktail hour!  



content packages

The Content Package is probably worth the price of the whole membership because it's sole goal is to save you time & get you inspired! The resources will change month to month but you can expect email templates, social prompts, check lists, graphics, etc. It's like a bundle of love from us to you. 

The Lounge

The Studio

The Library


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The Lounge Space is set up like your favorite local coffee shop complete with comfy seating and good friends. There are areas to introduce yourself, ask questions, collaborate, and chat live with others online. We are always on the look out for opportunities that would help get more of you out into the world and will post them in here.

The Studio space is where you'll find replays to EVERY live call and event that happens inside the Co-Op, plus the 90 minutes masterclasses. This space will grow more robust month over month with trainings and conversations that you have on-demand access to whenever you need the extra support.

The Library space is rich with resources to support your business, life, & creativity. Your monthly content package will be organized and sorted by topic inside The Library for easy access.

The Event space will keep you update on everything that's happening inside The Co-Op so you don't miss a thing. Every call, class, and event will be listed with an option to RSVP to be reminded to join. 






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Want to see what happenED in Q4?

Focuses: Align, Prepare, Prescense

→ Oct: Find and align to your ideal business model

creative business education call

life & business hot topic call

90 minute masterclass

→ Email Marketing: Foundations

Community event

→ Holiday Mocktail Hour

→ Nov: Holiday Prep Without The Pressure

→ Dec: Rallying Your Resources

→ Oct: Exploring Choice & Intentionality in Q4

→ Nov: Setting Your Environment For Creative Success

→ Dec: Leaning Into Space & Grace


Want to see what's happening in Q1?

Focuses: Vision, Health, Collaboration

→ Jan: Crafting A Vision You Can Trust

creative business education call

life & business hot topic call

90 minute masterclass

→ Email Marketing: Strategy & Set up

Community event

→ Enneagram Exploration

→ Feb: Time Management Systems & Rhythms 

→ March: Email Marketing: Group Work Session

→ Jan: Vision Board Workshop

→ Feb: Tuning Into Your Body 

→ March: How-to Collaborate (part 1)

Want to see what's happening in Q2?

Focuses: Strategy, Visuals, Intention

→ April: 5 Guideposts For Personal & Business Success 

creative business education call

life & business hot topic call

90 minute masterclass

→ Email Marketing: Lead Magnet & List Growth

Community event


→ May: Getting To Know Your BFF Customer/Client

→ June: How-to Adjust Your Business Across Seasons

→ April: Honing Your Creative Direction

→ May: Let's Talk Photography 

→ June: Setting Your Summer Intentions

don't let anyone trick you into chasing a dream that isn't yours

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