Port12: Natural
Port12: Natural

Port12: Natural

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Three round, desk-friendly concrete planters. The delicate rim and solid base provide an unobtrusive anchor for your succulent or cactus while blending in with any decor.

Large: 5" diameter, 2.8" tall, holds 24oz
Medium: 4" diameter, 2.5" tall, holds 12oz
Small: 3" diameter, 2.2" tall, holds 6oz

~ Fine-grained concrete
~ Felt feet
~ Drain hole can be knocked out with a nail and hammer, or left sealed.
~ Pigmented concrete all the way through, not painted or stained.

Planters poured and finished by hand. As with all earthen objects there is some variation from piece to piece. Daily life enhance and shape your planter's unique patina.