Orb Candle: Refills
Orb Candle: Refills
Orb Candle: Refills
Orb Candle: Refills

Orb Candle: Refills

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The orb candle calls us all to reflect within our selves. With it's eye catching form, the orb candle creates a calming addition to your sacred spaces. 


8 oz soy candle hand selected by us, hand poured by Soaplahoma. 


  • Fits any small Port vessel
  • Soy candle
  • 3 unique scents
  • Citrus Sandalwood, Cranberry Fig, or Cedar Eucalyptus
  • Tranquility: Chamomile, Bergamot, Lavender, Orange Blossom, Honey, Lemon, Fennel and a touch of Spearmint
  • Bonfire: Smokey mix of Whiskey Barrel, Cinnamon, Suede, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Amber. 
  • Emerald Agave: Sea Moss, Melon, Agave, Passionflower, Acai, Aloe, Coconut Bark, Teakwood, Grass, and Amber. 

Note: Be careful to place your candle completely upright to ensure the candle burns down the center and not over the edge. 

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We believe getting back to nature will rejuvenate our souls and inspire us to take better care of it. We innovate our products with concrete to play the perfect backdrop for the plants they hold.


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