Our Values


The Makerage was seeded from a collaboration of friends and even though we went on separate paths and we keep community and collaboration at the heart of everything we do. We believe the highest form of self care is being in community with others.



As creators conscious about our environment and aware of issues of excess we believe our creativity and innovation need to be founded in function. This allows us to know our pieces will contribute to the lives of their finders.


We live in a world surrounded by concrete towers and virtual realities. However, we are made to be apart of nature, community, and connection. We are meant to be among the creation of living things. Much like vegetation will overcome when given the opportunity, we desire to invite the outside nature into our daily lives.


The nature of concrete is durable and reliable and when combined with our innovative design and attention to surface detail it transforms to a handcrafted high quality piece of art that will stand the test of time. We only hope our products will be passed down for generations, we know they are made to last. 


For both of us, flexing our creativity allows us to bring innovation to the heart of every product produced. We love pushing the boundaries of concrete to see what we can make it do next. We’re always experimenting, dreaming, creating to bring to your home the very best modern concrete goods.