Our Story


The Makerage was seeded from a collaboration of friends who all enjoyed well handcrafted goods. Even though our paths went different ways we still keep community and collaboration at the center of everything we do, it's a huge part of who we are.


We are Drew and Mel, the couple behind The Makerage. Mel is our creative director, marketing, and pretty much anything you see. She's the one you'll see on social media and interfacing with customers. Drew brings his own creativity and structure. As an engineer by day, he is the science behind our molds, our colors, our entire workflow. Drew and Mel both thrive on efficiencies. Therefore, streamlining their work flows, designing and creating minimal sleek products are just a couple things that really make their partnership thrive.


To us, the Makerage is more than a brand, it’s a place. It’s a place where you can connect to nature through a potted plant on your kitchen window sill. Or the place you come to be inspired to grow - not just plants but in community with one another. We ultimately have a vision for The Makerage to bring people together from all walks of life - just as the flower rises up through the crack in the stone, we believe beauty will flourish through adversity and bring connection among us.