Blush concrete planter
Blush concrete planter
Blush concrete planter
Blush concrete planter
Blush concrete planter
Blush concrete planter
Blush concrete planter

Port Planter: Blush

Regular price $20.00

This blush concrete planter we call the Port loves to play around your home fitting into most any space. The refined cylindrical shape keeps things modern and minimal, a perfect backdrop for those curious shallow rooted succulents and cacti. The Port is available in 3 sizes and our 4 staple color ways making it a delightful addition to any space and style. 

Large: 5" diameter, 2.8" tall, holds 24oz
Medium: 4" diameter, 2.5" tall, holds 12oz
Small: 3" diameter, 2.2" tall, holds 6oz

• Fine-grained concrete
• Felt feet
• Drain hole can be knocked out with a nail and hammer, or left sealed.
• Pigmented concrete all the way through, not painted or stained.
• Multiple color ways: Charcoal, Blush, Natural, and White

Note: Planters poured and finished by hand. As with all earthen objects there is some variation from piece to piece. Daily life will enhance and shape your planter's unique patina.

Why The Makerage?


All our products are handcrafted by our team with the highest quality materials and finishing techniques. We are passionate about bringing you a functional, modern piece that will stand the test of time.


We believe getting back to nature will rejuvenate our souls and inspire us to take better care of it. We innovate our products with concrete to play the perfect backdrop for the plants they hold.


The Makerage is a place where you come to be inspired to grow - not just plants but in community with one another. Just as the flower rises up through the crack in the stone, beauty will flourish through adversity.

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